Rick, Thanks for all the help with all the unexpected things I had. I wanted to report a successful storm test. Saturday’s rain would have previously been enough to get crawl space water, there was none. I put a raincoat on and walked around the house and it was working! If water made it past the fence and patio it just kept on rolling into the pipe at the back of the house. I attached pictures of what it looked like Saturday and not a drop came into the crawlspace.
Thanks so much.
Aaron C.
Jefferson City, MO
I called the office of All Dry in Jefferson City, MO and told them how happy we were with the excellent job they done on waterproofing our basement. We tolerated a wet basement for 60 years. We had heard of so many people that were not happy with the results of people saying they were not happy with the job other people had done for them.

But we are totally satisfied with the good job that All Dry done for us. We now have a dry basement Thanks to All Dry. We are now proud of our basement room. NO MORE wet rugs.
Thanks to All Dry!
Leonard and Aline T.
Fulton, MO
I’m only glad that I called you and could recommend your company to my sister-in-law. She is quite pleased with your service. She depends on my judgement for everything and I knew you people would satisfy her.
Again I say “Thank You” and I will remember your company whenever I learn of anyone wanting repairs.
Jewell W.
Chamois, MO
I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for all the hard work that you and your men put into fixing the drainage problem in our crawlspace. I consider myself very lucky that I happened to run into your business in the yellow pages. While no one wants to run into the problems that I had with my house, it was nice to know that your team had the professional knowledge to do the job right!

Your started the the work on time and finished the work on time which is quite remarkable especially when your counterparts in the business could not provide such assurance. I must admit that with the work involved in fixing my crawlspace I was somewhat worried that the area where your team worked would be quite a mess. To my surprise everything looked like no work had ever been done. I felt that I definitely got the best bang for my buck by using All-Dry!

Well, now I am in contract to sell my house and the only reason it sold so fast was because of the work that you did to fix a horrible problem as well as your personal guarantee to continue the warranty on your service to the new homeowners. The buyers were initially concerned that there had been water problems under the house. After I showed them the work that had been done and that there had been no problems occur since the time of your work, they were convinced and continued with the sale. Again, thanks!
Please consider this letter as an official endorsement of the quality services you provide. I wish you all the best in the the future and once again, THANKS!
Ryan M. Fessler
Springfield, MO
Thank you again for doing a wonderful job in fixing the crack in our basement wall. Even though it was stressful having the bathroom tore up and the house on the market, the basement remains dry.

We have sold our house and plan to move on April 18th. The new owner, Harry and Patsy, would like to have the warranty transferred to their names. We spoke about this on the phone and you agreed to do so.

Thank you again for your help. If I ever get asked about who to get, I will mention your name.
Mark P.
Columbia, MO

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