Do any of your downspouts look a little like this?

We’ve all experienced the wild swings in weather that can happen hourly… one minute you’re sitting by your pool relaxing and the next minute you’re vacuuming water from your flooded basement. You do not want water to discharge right next to the home, as this could cause foundation seepage and a wet basement. Standard downspouts run onto a splash block and basically dump water down the homes foundation. This leads to water running down the foundation to the footing which commonly jeopardizes the integrity of the foundation over time causing potential settling, basement flooding,

In the Midwest, unlike other parts of the country, having your rainwater downspouts connected to underground piping is a critical, must-have feature. Similar to a solid roof or functioning gutters, downspout gutter piping must be given the attention required to ensure you have a long-term, always functioning solution. This helps protect your home from flooding, potential damage to your foundation, erosion issues, landscaping damage, and much more.

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