Interior Moisture Barriers

Would you like to add a complexion change to those musty, flaking, damp, over-porous, and unfinished basement walls? A more pleasant finished appearance to those ghastly looking and auspiciously unhealthy basement walls could be your ticket to a surface driven peace of mind.

In some instances your walls may be excessively porous, you have an unusual seepage problem, or your walls are just ugly, cracked, or appear to be overly worked over. In cases like this we can provide a solution that will change the complexion of your basement while helping taking care of your seepage and condensation problems all at the same time.

These improvements, along with the use of a newer model dehumidifier which is most always recommended due to water vapors in the air, make for an even more complete solution and help assure the reduction of mold and other harmful particulate in your home.
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