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The patented All-Dry Basement System’s superior design controls basement water problems immediately and permanently where other systems fail. The All-Dry Basement System is effective on most all type of walls including poured concrete, concrete block, stone, etc.The All-Dry System will permanently keep your basement dry so it can be used for storage, recreation, or for additional living space.

Installation of the All-Dry Basement System helps to relieve hydro-static pressure which in turn helps to lower the water table. the All-Dry System is installed only by authorized dealers who’s employees have been fully trained to give you quality installations.
Installation of the All Dry Basement System can give you peace of mind, add value to your home and extend the life of the structure.
The All-Dry Basement System can be installed in a finished or unfinished basement any time of the year, whether your basement is wet or dry. Because the All-Dry Basement System can usually be installed in one day, and is less noisy than other types of waterproofing methods, There is usually less disruption to your household due to it’s less intrusiveness. Of course, there are some installations that will take longer than a day depending on your particular situation and needs.
There is no need for major outside excavation, so there is no tearing up of your lawn, shrubs, flowers,or bushes. The affordable All-Dry Basement System can usually be fully installed for less than the cost of most other systems.

In some cases, it is NOT necessary to install a sump pump. However, we usually recommend one whenever we see it is both wise and/or necessary.

The All-Dry Basement System has been installed in thousands of homes and businesses for many years. The test of time insures reliability of the All-Dry Basement System. You are assured of a reliable installation by the All-Dry Basement System LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Finishing Your Basement That Has An Existing All Dry System
At some point in the future you may decide to turn your unfinished basement into additional living space. When you do this, along with the waterproofing, you will increase the value and enjoyment of you home immeasurably. Below we offer some ideas that our customers have passed on to us as desirable methods to attain the results you might be looking for. Take a look, it will make sense.

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