We are a local basement waterproofing and structural repair company. Our core focus is quality materials and attention to every detail – ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. We offer complete basement health solutions.

All-Dry of Missouri serves much of Mid-Missouri, including the Columbia, Jefferson City, and surrounding communities. We will be glad to answer your questions and schedule a free no-hassle estimate for all of your basement health concerns. 

All-Dry Basement System

The All-Dry Basement System o be installed in a finished or unfinished basement any time of the year, whether your basement is wet or dry. Because the All-Dry Basement System can usually be installed in one day, and is less noisy than other types of waterproofing methods,

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The All Dry Sub-Floor Waterproofing System

If we see that you absolutely need an under-floor drainage system we will advise, recommend, and even insist, that you have that done. Though the baseboard system will work well in almost all cases, sometimes another approach is needed because of conditions that have manifested in your basement.
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Wall Crack Repair

Even in a finished basement, wall cracks are best repaired from the inside. You save money, and have a reliable repair. At All-Dry we take pride in common sense approaches to seemingly complex problems. Because of high quality materials careful surface preparation our success rate is 100%.

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Xinite Wall Coverings and Other Interior Moisture Barriers

A more pleasant finished appearance to those ghastly looking and unhealthy basement walls could be your ticket to a surface driven peace-of-mind.
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Sump Pump Systems

The sump pump's job is to pump the water out of a pit and away from your home so the basement or crawlspace stays dry.

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Exterior Drainage

Almost everyone in our service area lives either on top of a hill or at the bottom of a hill. And since water washes down hill that provides additional drainage problems for some homeowners.
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A properly-installed downspout will take water away from your home to help keep your foundations dry. 

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Window Wells

Like any home system, window wells require maintenance and professional implementation. Improper fitting can result in leaks to your basement. Many homeowners mistake this for a problem with their windows, leading to unnecessary and ineffective replacements.
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Floor Grate Systems: Interior and Exterior

Grating drainage can keep water out of your home and away from your doors, creating a channel for the water to go. 

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Fortress Stabilization System

If your basement walls are bowing or cracking, the Fortress Stabilization System can breathe new life into your home, keeping the walls secure and upright for decades to come. 

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I-Beam Installation

I-beams are often used as major support trusses in buildings, helping to ensure their structural integrity. An I-beam's strength can reduce the need for numerous support structures.

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