Exterior Drainage

Exterior Drainage & Downspout Drainage

It is important to provide proper exterior water control. Although it is rare that exterior surface drainage alone will solve your saturation and therefore your seepage problems, it can easily be a part of the total water control solution.

We often recommend a professionally installed exterior surface drainage system. This is what we call a “French Drain.” The All-Dry proprietary method of installation, assembled only from many years of experience ensures that your exterior water control system will carry away copious amounts of water to its desired location.

Before installation we consult with our clients as to chiefly how we do the drainage and agree where your water would best be taken, which in any case, is a fair distance from your foundation.

Then we decide on what you want the finished result to look like. Do you want a special decorative stone? If so, what color? Shall we “skirt” the drainage area to slow saturation using high grade moisture barrier to produce a pleasant, landscaped appearance? Or do you desire functionality in which the more landscaped look and type of rock are less important? Either way you choose, we can accommodate what most fits your budget and/or to.

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