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The Healthy Crawlspace Solution

The All-Dry Healthy Crawlspace Solution is one of the most complete and efficient crawlspace solutions on the market today. It addresses all issues that plague unhealthy crawlspaces. It is our belief at All-Dry that the crawl space should be treated like any other room in the home. Plainly put…What goes on downstairs effects the upstairs as well.
Step 1: Get Rid of Long Standing Water
Nothing causes more damage to a home than long standing water. The amount of decay and rot that can happen with the smallest amount of water can be incredible. That is why insuring the crawl space is free of standing water is so important. Most dirt crawlspaces have leaky walls and no drainage system to expel rain water that pools and/or floods a crawlspace. An All-Dry installed drain system and a properly installed sump pump is part of the solution. A drain channel is installed around the perimeter of the crawlspace. Water is collected by this drainage system and directed towards the sump pump. The sump pump them extracts the water back to the outside where it belongs.
Step 2: Vapor Barrier Installation
Once the standing water is eliminated, the focus is on capturing the damaging condensation from a crawlspace that will foster the growth of mold and musty smells. In essence, the unhealthy crawlspace will cause an unhealthy home…so we are all about healthy crawlspaces.

The barrier we use is made in Texas and we’ve been told that they can be expected to last forever, however long that is. It is a very thick polyethylene sheeting which has multiple layers of polyethylene sheeting which is laced with nylon reinforcement which creates a sturdy and tear resistant material substrate surface. This barrier is placed up onto the walls and across the floor area creating a seal to significantly reduce the relative humidity in the crawlspace. Reduce the relative humidity and you will stop the mold.

The All-Dry Crawlspace Solution Vapor Barrier is the proper solution for encapsulating your dirt or aggregate crawlspace floor.
Step 3: Insulate The Perimeter Beam for Energy Savings
Additionally, we recommend insulating the above foundation area, where the floor joist meets the wooden perimeter, with a minimum of an R-10 insulation. This will keep cold air out in the winter, and logically thinking, will create savings on energy costs. In fact, in 2010 Internal Revenue Service was allowing a tax credit percentage for having this done (money saved on the front end). Hopefully, they will continue that program for the future, so consult you tax professional for updates.
Step 4: Seal-off Outside air
Yes, that’s right. Seal-off those air vents. Newer technology is now saying that this will only allow warm and cold air into the basement causing condensation problems might may arise as a result of that season. All-Dry will take care of this detail.

Well, there you have it. The All-Dry Healthy Crawlspace Solution. To say the least, this is a lot of work and can take quite a bit more than one day. But it’s worth it! The time projected depends on the size and scope of the project. We should be able to give an estimated time for project completion.

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