Wall Crack Repair

Let’s be plain about this. The crack is leaking on the inside, so let’s fix it from the inside….where the problem exists.

In most all cases, wall crack repair is a relatively inexpensive repair to have done.

Even in a finished basement, wall cracks are best repaired from the inside. You save money, and have a reliable repair.

Just think: No matter what you are told…it just makes no sense to excavate the outside all the way down to fix a wall crack. It is ALWAYS more expensive, less intrusive, and no person or company charges you enough to do it twice if it does not work. Your guarantee from outside excavation is usually…It Should Work. Your odds are better at “blackjack” in a casino than to expect a successful long term exterior/excavation repair.

At All-Dry Wall Cracks Are NO PROBLEM

At All-Dry we take pride in common sense approaches to seemingly complex problems.

First off, wall cracks are common. If I tell you we have successfully repaired thousands of wall cracks…that would not be an over-statement. And in Missouri they are still holding after 20+ years!

Because of high quality materials careful surface preparation our success rate is 100%. We will have other highly effective water sealant materials, known exclusively to only the most experienced professional waterproofer, that we may see is required. But, regardless the problem is solved. And you have us to call if you have any problems after the work is completed.

Wall Cracks can appear anywhere in a basement.

Horizontal cracking can be a special problem for a customer and it’s repair should NOT be put-off for any extended time. This type of wall crack will often require stabilization and sealing/barriering to insure structural integrity, and seepage control.


Carbon Fiber Staples

In some cases carbon fiber counter sink staples may be needed to arrest any recently visible or suspicious wall movement. This feature adds additional stability to potential further wall movement, and could negate the need for more expensive repair measures later on.